Is It Impossible For The Ford Focus RS To Run Down A Mustang GT?


It's definitely not easy...

It was only a few days ago that we saw the Ford Focus RS race against the Volkswagen Golf R and win handily. But that race pitted two all-wheel-drive hot hatches against one another. That is to say it was fair. What would happen if the Focus RS were to be picked on by a bigger bully, say the Mustang GT? Top Gear Magazine brought the two stablemates together for a drag race in an attempt to see just how hot the Focus RS really is. This race isn't entirely equal on paper but it's still an interesting matchup.

The hatch benefits from AWD but it is down on power, 345 hp to the UK GT's 425 horses. The hatchback is a couple hundred pounds lighter, though. Both are manuals. So, which one wins?

If you haven't watched the video we suggest that you do so before reading any further. Although the Focus RS easily beat the Mustang GT off the line it couldn't outrun the burly coupe for the full quarter mile. According to the official times posted at the end of the video the Mustang was the winner, but the victory came by a small margin as both posted quarter mile times of 13.3 seconds. It took the Mustang GT driver 5.3 seconds to hit 60 mph, which is down considerably from the 4.3 seconds Ford claims its top-tier muscle car will make the sprint in. With another driver this race may have been not as close, but credit where credit is due: The Focus RS can hold its own out there.

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