Is It Possible For Another German Sports Car To Beat The Porsche 911?

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You're about to find out.

This is the head-to-head matchup we've been waiting for. Some people have been waiting years to see this, although they never knew what Mercedes-Benz would call its Porsche 911 fighter. But the Mercedes-AMG GT is finally here, and it's looking for some 911s to go to battle against. And now Auto Express has managed to bring these two high-performance German sports cars together for that long-awaited duel. Obviously, it couldn't be just any 911 to face off against the mighty AMG-GT.

No, this is the 911 GTS, perhaps the most ideal everyday and high performing 911 you can buy. So which of these two wins the track battle? The must-have drag race? You're about to find out.

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