Is It Really That Hard To Spell Porsche Correctly?

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Apparently so.

Hopefully stuff like this doesn't happen often, but it's still pretty hilarious nonetheless. Currently making the rounds on Twitter, mainly thanks to none other than Jeremy Clarkson, is this photo of the rear end of a Porsche 911. Take a closer look at how Porsche is spelled. This wasn't done at the official factory. No, this happened at a repair shop in Dubai where the 911's owner sent the car to have a dent fixed and then repainted. Both of which were done, but this embarrassing mistake was also made.

Twitter user Ollie Martin, a friend of the owner, originally posted this which was quickly retweeted by Jezza. "A friend in Dubai took his 911 in for a prang repair, this is what Porsche did...BRILLIANT!", Martin wrote.

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