Is Jaguar Bold Or Arrogant For Thinking The I-Pace Will Kill The Sedan?

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Although there's no doubt it'll revolutionize sales for the brand.

Tesla was one of the first automakers to blaze the trails and take full advantage of the electric drivetrain for a mainstream car. Not only was Tesla able to do away with some of the inconveniences of the gasoline engine including pesky oil changes, the lack of a front-end trunk, or having to reach high into the rev range for torque, but it was able to spin some of the downsides into positive aspects, like using the heavy batteries to lower the center of gravity. Now it's everybody else's turn.

In case you were living under a rock, Jaguar has just unveiled the I-Pace, an all-electric SUV with completely new architecture and design.

While the I-Pace appears to have the Tesla Model X in its sights, it actually competes with a much broader range of cars. Jaguar is hedging its bets on the fact that the crossover SUV craze will continue to blossom and given the sales data, it's a wise bet to make. The I-Pace is neither a car nor an off-roader. Instead it's optimized for sporty driving within the confines of the city but is as comfortable and spacious inside as an SUV. Even though it spins all four tires, it has no aspirations to go off-road. Not that anyone would want to risk scratching those gorgeous body panels. As it's latest commercial states, Jaguar seems to think it's onto something. A simple glance tells us that they're probably right.

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