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Is Jaguar Plotting an XE Wagon and Coupe?

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The wagon may not happen for some time (if ever), but the coupe makes an awful lot of sense.

Jaguar's latest is intended to be a major cash cow for the UK brand. The just released all-new XE is an entry-level sedan that'll take on the mighty BMW 3 Series and equally impressive Cadillac ATS, which will also serve as the basis for a new SUV. More than likely, it'll be a production version of the C-X17 Concept. That information really isn't anything new, but we still haven't heard much from Jaguar regarding what else the XE's platform will be utilized for.

Speaking to Car Advice, XE chief program engineer, Nick Miller, didn't rule out the possibility of a future XE wagon or coupe. The latter would be an especially smart move considering there's also the BMW 4 Series and new ATS coupe. "The body shop has been equipped to be flexible. We can put more than one body style in it. It's not a problem. All the kit is there," Miller stated. Our guess is that Jaguar will focus on the SUV first, and then move on to an XE coupe. An XE wagon is certainly not a top priority.

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