Is Jaguar Really Trying To Revive One Of Its Most Iconic Prototypes Ever?

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Surely JLR can't be considering another new run of heritage cars?

Maybe it's all purely coincidental or down to us being more aware of it now, but there does appear to be a lot of automotive trademark news buzzing about. We've already heard how Skoda's registering a few model names in the US, and Honda's been found trying to acquire the ZSX rights in Europe. Now, though, Autocar has caught Jaguar Land Rover's in the act of applying for a rather surprising trademark of "XJ13." Hmm...we wonder which car that name could be referring to. Does anyone care to offer a guess?

For those of you who might not be aware of why the XJ13 acronym is significant, the moniker is one that's adorned only one Jaguar model, and quite an amazing one at that. The car in question is an old endurance prototype that, due to the fickle regulation nature of the time, never properly raced. the first time the XJ13 was ever driven around the Circuit de la Sarthe it was designed to dominate, for instance, was during the Le Mans Classic this year. Probably as a result of its status among other prototypes from the "golden age of sports car racing," the XJ13 has fostered a sizable and dedicated fan base the world over. Said fans would certainly be delighted to hear of the new Jaguar Land Rover trademark filing.

What JLR is planning to do with the XJ13 tag, though, remains to be seen. Chances are that Jaguar is only securing the rights to the vehicle's name purely because it can. JLR's Classic division will be presumably left with a lot of spare time on its hands once the final XKSS continuation car is completed, and there must surely be plenty of classic racing enthusiasts who'd love to drive an authentic recreation of the XJ13 in officially sanctioned historic motorsport events. Either way, it'll be interesting to see what Jaguar Land Rover does have in store once its XJ13 trademark application is inevitably approved.


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