Is Japan Exporting Radioactive Cars?

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Uh, yeah, this could be a bit of a problem.

Back in 2011, Japan suffered a devastating earthquake and tsunami. Over 15,000 people were killed and thousands more were missing or injured. In addition to that horror, there was vast destruction. And, perhaps worst of all, nuclear accidents at three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. A radiation leak occurred as a result. While the damage on the ground itself is in the process of being repaired, the radiation is a different story. It's not something that can be just cleaned up.

And now there's a report claiming that a total of 70 used cars imported from Japan are turning up in Central Asia with increased levels of radiation. They're currently stored in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Thing is, they can't be sent back to Japan, and this is nothing new. For the past three years, importers in Kyrgyzstan have discovered radiation levels that were above normal in the cars, but there was an agreement with Japan stating that the cars could be sent back. That's not the case anymore, as neither Japan nor China will accept these cars. For now, the Kyrgyzstan government has quarantined affected cars and is looking into a plan to scrap them somehow. Good luck with that.

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