Is Jon Olsson's Lamborghini Murcielago Bonkers Enough To Conquer A Norwegian Mountain?

The answer should be obvious.

Last time we saw Swedish professional skier Jon Olsson messing with a Lamborghini he was stripping his Huracan down to prep it for a custom project. Now he’s back with a Murcielago in an attempt to hill climb a ski slope. His car of choice is a Murcielago converted to rear-wheel drive and fitted with incredibly badass spiked tires. Unfortunately all the badassery in the world isn’t enough for this Lambo to conquer the snowy slopes of Norway. Sorry to spoil the ending but to be fair it’s in the title of the video.

This video is less about the run up the mountain and more about the prep work it takes to get such a stunt off the ground. Olsson spent two weeks trying to make this happen and the pre-planning seems almost as difficult as the stunt itself.

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