Is Kanye in Trouble? He's Buying 2 Dartz Prombrons


The celebrity couple is buying the one car that's anything but ordinary.

Let's face it: Dartz isn't the brand for everyone. Whether it's the Prombron or any of the other over the top customization jobs the Latvian automaker offers, Dartz vehicles are truly unique in a bonkers sort of way. They're also ridiculously expensive, but they offer everything from bulletproof glass and bodywork to hot tubs to whale penis leather upholstery. Sounds lovely. Anyhow, word has it that hip hop musician Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian are planning to buy a Dartz Pullman-Saloon.

It's basically a tripped out Prombrom. Their new vehicle is supposedly being built right now and its styling inside and out is heavily influenced by the Prombron Black Snake Edition. Expect for it to have plenty of gadgets and other luxury bits, but that whale foreskin is now outlawed. And remember, the Prombron is a big sucker and the Pullman-Saloon variant is even longer. For a vehicle that size, a mighty powerful engine will be required. More than likely, that engine will be an AMG-sourced 6.5-liter V12, the same unit that powers the G65 AMG. If West and Kardashian are trying to be inconspicuous, then the Dartz Prombron is probably the worst car on earth to buy.

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