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Is Lamborghini About To Unveil Its First Hybrid Supercar To The World?

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And it's not the Aventador successor.

Lamborghini has confirmed that the eventual Aventador successor will retain a naturally aspirated V12 engine, but it will be aided by hybrid-assist. No turbos. That vehicle is still a few years away and the Aventador S, and the recently unveiled Aventador SVJ, remain on sale.

But if you look back to the time when the Aventador's predecessor, the Murcielago, was about to end its production run, Lamborghini debuted the Reventon. It previewed the styling and some of the technologies found in the Aventador.

Well, it appears history is about to repeat itself. According to a post from a user on the McLarenlife.com forum, via CarScoops, Instagram user 'carspecialistphotos' posted an image of an official Lamborghini invite badge for a private preview event called "The Power To Shape The Future." We knew back in June this event was happening, and it's apparently already done and over with. As far as we know, no media was invited, but some sources are claiming Lamborghini will soon be revealing the car to the world at large.

The forum posting, which was recently updated, further claims 200 potential buyers were invited to that event, though only 63 examples of the vehicle are planned at around $2.5 million a pop, before taxes. To compare, only 21 Lamborghini Reventons, coupe and roadster, were built, one of which was for the official Lamborghini museum.

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Production is due to get underway by the end of this year with deliveries expected later in 2019. Like the Reventon, this mystery model could also be sort of a stop-gap between the Aventador and its unnamed successor. We'll keep you all posted once we learn more details. Hopefully, that official reveal is not too far away.