Is Lamborghini Working On A New Supercar To Slot Into Its Lineup?

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Where would this new model slot?

Lamborghini's product line will soon be very different. The company will venture back into the SUV market with the Urus by 2019 and the Aventador should keep its marquee V12 engine through the end of its product life in 2022. There are talks about a next-generation Huracan, but the Italian auto maker has also expressed interest in a fourth model. This fourth model could be a 2+2 grand tourer, like a modern Espada or Urraco. Another possibility is that Lamborghini could revive the Miura. We were a but skeptical, but the future of Lamborghini is hazy.

Lamborghini is having a bit of a problem separating the Huracan from its big brother, the Aventador. When the Aventador first came out, it was faster than almost anything else on the road, but now, it may be in desperate need of an update. In a drag race, it can barely beat the far cheaper and less powerful Huracan. In fact, even when Motor Trend tested the hardcore Aventador SV, it actually lapped Willow Springs slower than the Huracan. Lamborghini is now grappling with the decision on whether to add turbochargers to its cars. The company is also considering adding a 150-kW (200-hp) electric motor to the front wheels and a 50-kW (67-hp) e-power pack integrated in the transmission.

Electric motors could give the cars more power and better response without muting the naturally aspirated V10 and V12. This drivetrain would be similar to the new Acura NSX. As for the third supercar, a Miura recreation could be built to match the performance of the LaFerrari, McLaren P1, and Porsche 918. We aren't sure how likely an electrified-hypercar called the Miura would be, but a 2+2 GT sounds like a no brainer to us. We would love to see a two-door, four-seater based on the Porsche MSB platform under the latest Panamera.

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