Is Lexus Considering an Even Smaller Crossover?

Perhaps the new NX is still too large for some.

Despite the fact that Lexus has just launched its all-new NX small crossover, the Japanese automaker is apparently considering yet another one. Only this time it may be even smaller. Speaking to the UK’s Autocar magazine, Lexus of Europe vice president Alain Uyttenhoven stated that a sub-NX crossover "made sense" for the luxury brand as it seeks to downsize its future lineup even more. Uyttenhoven didn’t confirm this model is a done deal just yet, though.

But he did reiterate that the Lexus Europe division wants to downsize and diversify its model range and reduce its reliance on the North American market. Basically, Uyttenhoven believes that buyers in Europe, China, and Japan will soon have similar tastes and would welcome a small and premium Lexus crossover. In other words, it’s not a guarantee whether this model would even be sold in North America. However, the new Buick Encore has become a strong seller in the US, and Lexus is certainly not a brand that would allow a potential competitor to have a monopoly over any particular segment where there’s profit to be made.

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