Is Lexus Dethroning The LS As King Of Its Lineup?

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Or is it just looking for an equal queen?

After more than 25 years at the top, growing from the company's sole offering to become the flagship riding atop the automaker's fleet of models, it seems that the Lexus LS is about to lose some status within company ranks. While it will be continued and replaced by another generation, Lexus' general manager Jeff Bracken recently told Reuters that "we need a new flagship," adding: "It doesn't have to be a sedan." Is Lexus adding a top-of-the-line SUV that will ride alongside or above the LS?

"In addition to the LS, there could be another flagship in our lineup. We'll define what it is in January", he said. With Mercedes, Cadillac and Audi offering large SUVs, and with uber-luxury SUVs on the way from Rolls Royce, Bentley and others, Lexus has the right idea if it wants to fight for luxury sales outside the large sedan market. Meanwhile, the company is also working to get a 3-row, 7-8 passenger RX to dealers as early as possible. With the all-new RX arriving this fall, Brecken says "We don't want to wait for a next generation" to add that third row. Will the LS be joined by another king of the lineup or dethroned by an SUV? We'll find out in January.

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