Is Lexus Finally Going To Make Our LFA Dreams Come True?

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A new LFA could arrive in 2025, but don't get your hopes up.

Last week, Lexus revealed two special builds based on its IS sedan at SEMA, but as cool as those two were, it's no secret that everybody would be far more interested in a new LFA supercar. When examples of the V10-powered phenomenon come up for sale, they command extraordinary prices because, even a decade on, it's still a spectacular machine. Unfortunately, rumors of a revival are constantly disproved, even though it seemed that Lexus was really working on a new version just a couple of years ago. Almost every year, we hear a rumor about the LFA coming back, and every time, we end up disappointed. But the latest rumor could be worth taking note of, as it adds a reveal date too.

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According to Japan's Best Car magazine, an all-new LFA will arrive in 2025, but if it turns up in the form that the publication is claiming, then it will still be disappointing. See, the reason that so many of us fell in love with the LFA is not its styling, nor its handling, nor its technological advances. No, the reason we want an LFA more than our next breath is because of the operatic V10 engine tuned by Yamaha.

But Best Car says that there'll be no more of such excitement, with ever-tightening emissions regulations indicating that the new LFA will be powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 supplemented by an electric motor. Rumored to be capable of up to 937 horsepower, there would be plenty of grunt - especially if an all-carbon body features again.

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RM Sotheby's
RM Sotheby's

Such a rumor may be kryptonite to our fantasies, but we can't imagine that Toyota's beancounters would be too chuffed with Lexus engineers if they were to develop an all-new V10 engine from scratch again. Not only would it have to be more powerful than that of the original LFA, but it would also have to be cleaner by a long shot, and this just isn't worthwhile for a niche supercar that will always be sold in relatively low volumes. On the upside, creating a more modular, V8 hybrid setup could allow for better grip thanks to all-wheel drive, and the engine could be fitted unassisted to a hardcore LC F too. Sure, we'd love to have the V10 back, but we'll take what we can get, and two cars from one project seems like a great deal for everyone. Here's hoping.

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