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Is Lexus Finally Ready To Replace The LFA?

Spy Video / 12 Comments

Lexus is testing something crazy-looking around the Nurburgring.

Late last year, we spotted a lightly camouflaged Lexus LFA test mule being driven on the Nurburgring. This was pretty exciting news because it gave credibility to rumors of an LFA successor. We haven't heard anything else about a revived LFA since the car was spotted back in 2018, but YouTuber Automotive Mike just spotted the car testing yet again and even captured it on video. Not only do we get another look at the test mule, but we can now hear the wail of its incredible engine.

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The test mule in the video looks virtually identical to the one we spotted back in 2018, but keen-eyed observers might notice that the license plate now ends with the number three instead of the number one. It's possible that Lexus simply switched out the plates for this test, but the two are also running on different wheels, so we think they are two different cars. Both cars are painted orange and both have camouflage over the wheel arches, meaning Lexus might be attempting to hide this car's wide body.

At this point, we can only guess why Lexus is running a prototype LFA around the Nurburgring seven years after the car went out of production. One guess is that Lexus may finally be ready to build a successor, and this car could just be a testbed for new tires. Lexus may also be using the car to help develop the rumored LC-F, which could act as a spiritual successor to the LFA.

Based on the howling engine in the video, it's clear this test mule uses a V10 engine like the original LFA, though it's very difficult to get a definitive answer here. Perhaps Lexus could pair the V10 engine with a hybrid system to create a car that is faster than the LFA but sounds just as phenomenal.