Is Lexus Serious About Building A Pickup Truck?

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If Mercedes has the X-Class, then why can't Lexus have its own truck?

Is there a market for luxury pickup trucks? Yes. Just look at the Ford F-150, which can easily exceed $60,000 for a fully-loaded Platinum trim. However, Americans have proven unwilling to pay that kind of dough for a luxury pickup truck from a luxury brand. For example, Cadillac discontinued its Escalade EXT after the 2013 model year. Why? Because no one bought them.

In fact, Cadillac launched the EXT in 2002 as a direct response to the Lincoln Blackwood, a rebadged F-150, which also sold poorly. Buy a $60k+ truck from Ford or GMC? No problem. From Cadillac or Lincoln? Not happening. Then again, Mercedes-Benz figured it wise to heavily re-skin the overseas-only Nissan Navarro and turn it into the X-Class.

Also for overseas markets only, the X-Class is something of an experiment on Mercedes' part. If it doesn't work out, fine. It was worth a shot and not a serious amount of money was invested in the first place. If the X-Class becomes a smashing success, then Mercedes gets to rake in plenty of cash. In case of the latter happening (which we doubt), chances are there will be competitors. Spanish car news site, via Lexus Enthusiast, cooked up this rendered image of what a potential Lexus pickup truck could look like.

Meet the (imagined) Lexus LT, which is seemingly nothing more than that big spindle grille bolted to a Toyota Tacoma. It doesn't look completely terrible, only somewhat. Still though, there's no way Lexus would ever consider a truck, mid- or full-size. The simple answer is that it doesn't need one in North America. Heck, it doesn't need one anywhere, even if there is the X-Class. The also overseas-only Toyota Hilux is a true off-roader and, when properly equipped, a near-luxury vehicle. So, no. There's no chance the Lexus LT will ever become reality.

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