Is Lincoln Finally Getting Its Sh-t Together?

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It can't afford not to.

Notwithstanding those bizarre Matthew McConaughey commercials, Lincoln seems to finally be setting the right course for a comeback. Not exactly a Cadillac style comeback, but a resurgence nonetheless. Ford has been investing a lot in its luxury division, and that needs to payoff big time. So what's the answer? According to Car and Driver, the production version of that stunning Continental Concept, first shown at New York last March, will debut this January at Detroit.


And yes, the Continental name will remain instead of adapting that "MK nomenclature." The Continental and Navigator are the sole two lineup exceptions. A Lincoln source also hinted to C&D that the production-spec Continental will very closely resemble the concept. In fact, much of its styling, such as the front grille, may even replace the "waterfall" grille on existing Lincolns. The return of the Continental is exactly what Lincoln needs – a proper flagship. Cadillac began reinventing itself with a focus on performance; Lincoln plans to do the same but with a focus on extreme (yet still affordable) luxury.

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