Is Lincoln Making A Mistake By Not Having A Rear-Wheel-Drive Sports Car?

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Fans have been asking for one for a while.

When we first saw the 2017 Lincoln MKZ sedan our jaws dropped. Unlike other vehicles from the automaker, it isn't simply a refreshed Ford but a gorgeous sedan that focuses on luxury and performance. The new MKZ isn't a sports car, but proves that the automaker could make a vehicle with great performance. According to a report from Automotive News, Lincoln has no plans to put a rear-wheel-drive sports car on the road any time soon. We can't help but wonder if that's a mistake.

Director of Global Marketing, Matt VanDyke, told Automotive News at a private event for the new MKZ sedan that the automaker is focusing on core segments first. "We've said we need to cover the core segments first," stated VanDyke. "Luxury coupes and sports cars are not the first place we need to go." Apparently, Lincoln is preoccupied with updating the brand's look. Despite the attention the new MKZ has received, Lincoln believes that the average age of its customers has dropped to 58, which is closer to the luxury market's average of 54 years old. Is a new look enough for the automaker to rebrand itself or does Lincoln need to do something drastic?

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