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Is Lotus Wasting Its Time With This New Bespoke Division?

Who wants a bespoke Lotus?

In an attempt to get more customers to purchase its vehicles and to give customers a sense of personalization over its vehicles, the Lotus Design team will allow new and existing Lotus owners to customize its cars from front to back. Lotus Exclusive will offer a variety of color choices for owners that range from heritage finishes to race-inspired colors. In addition to the prestigious exterior colors, owners can also customize their car’s exterior with body decals to highlight the vehicle’s door mirrors, wings, side skirts, or spoiler.

If this isn't crazy enough, Lotus Exclusive also allows customers to place national flags onto the car. Lotus hasn’t forgotten about the interior and has five different leather shades and four stitch colors for drivers to choose from. As of right now, Lotus Exclusive will only be available to customers in Europe, but will expand to other countries later this year. CEO of Group Lotus Jean-Marc Gales, believes that this custom process will give customers the ability to give their cars a unique touch. “In the past we have created a number of cars personalised to the specific requests of individual customers,” stated Gales. “Now all of our customers will be offered this service, to create their own personalized car through Lotus Exclusive.”

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