Is Mazda Also Planning an RX-9?

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This would be in addition to the upcoming RX-7.

Mazda is currently have something of a renaissance. With its mainstream lineup completely new and a totally redesigned MX-5 set to debut in just over a week's time, the Japanese automaker is apparently still looking ahead to a sports car future. We've read and written about many reports regarding a new turbocharged rotary RX-7 that could arrive in 2017. And now a report coming from Australian website Motoring claims that Mazda is seriously looking at doing an RX-9 game-changing sports car as well.

The new RX-7 will debut in time for the 50th anniversary of the Mazda Cosmo-rotary engined sports car, but there's also a couple of other events worth celebrating. The 2020 Summer Olympics will be held in Tokyo, and that also happens to be the same year as Mazda's 100th anniversary, hence the celebratory RX-9. Even the name has already been trademarked. So if the car were to happen, what can we expect? A Mazda official stated that a hybrid performance car isn't needed to remain relevant. "We have our own definition of sports and our own definition of how to get Jinba Ittai, the oneness between car and driver."

Point being, Mazda doesn't feel it needs to compete directly with the upcoming joint Toyota-BMW sports car or even Acura's new NSX. "We are indifferent to the successes that our rivals are making; we need to make our own success and forge our own way forward. We won't follow them just for the sake of it," the official summarized.

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