Is McLaren Developing A New Twin-Turbo V6 To Replace Its V8?

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We'll know fairly soon.

McLaren has enjoyed phenomenal success since turning its hand to building road cars. Starting with the 12C, the UK-based supercar builder has been churning out new models and technology at such a rapid pace the entire industry has had to take notice – especially Ferrari. 15 new models or variants of existing models are expected by 2022, which is testament to McLaren's passion for innovation. In March, we learned in Geneva about McLaren's plans for EV and hybrid technology.


An EV prototype is in development, but any possible production version is still a few years out. What could arrive sooner, however, is a new twin-turbo V6. Unlike today's current and fabulous twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8, this new V6 will likely feature integrated hybrid tech. McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt stated in a recent press conference that his company will continue to downsize its engines because of the need to address emission standards being imposed on the auto industry at large by global governments. But Flewitt explained that this future hybrid tech wouldn't be some bolt-on system, but rather integrated with the gasoline engine itself.

Time will tell whether or not that setup could serve as a V8 replacement. As far as a full-on EV, as we previously reported, Flewitt hinted that a limited production run of Ultimate Series EVs is likely. Why limited? Because McLaren needs to gauge public reaction to such a car before making a big financial committed to the technology for the long haul. Before that happens though, we highly suspect that new twin-turbo V6 with integrated hybrid tech will arrive on the scene. Et tu, Ferrari?


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