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Is McLaren Doing The Right Thing By Expanding Its American Presence?

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More dealerships means more sales.

McLaren is planning on opening four new dealerships in the US. With these new locations, the automaker will have a total of 22 dealerships in the US and will have a global dealer network of up to 80 showrooms. The move to open more dealerships comes hot of the heels of the automaker's new and more accessible Sport Series of cars. The new dealerships are located in Houston, Boston, Bergen County, New Jersey, and Palm Beach. While McLaren may be attempting to increase its presence in the US, it's still far behind other supercar companies.

Aston Martin has 37 dealerships in the US, Lamborghini has 31 and Ferrari has 38. The choice to expand its dealership network comes immediately after the launch of the Sports Series in the US, led by the 570S. The 570S is McLaren's most affordable offering and is aimed directly at the Porsche 911 Turbo and Audi R8. Its launch is expected to increase sales drastically in the upcoming years. The automaker plans to sell 4,000 vehicles annually by the end of next year, which is a drastic increase over the 1,654 vehicles the company delivered last year. These new dealerships will certainly help that effort but McLaren may need more if it wants to compete with the big dogs in the US.

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