Is McLaren Planning To Build Its Bonkers Video Game Car?

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A real-life version of McLaren's Ultimate Vision GT appears to be in the works.

A couple of mysterious posts and a screen grabs from McLaren's recent customer preview of the already wild Speedtail lead us to believe McLaren is building something even more insane. Last week, two separate car collectors attending the preview posted images of a previously unknown nameplate on Instagram, the BC-03, paired with McLaren and MSO logos. Quite likely BC-01 and BC-02 were a pair of matching specials one McLaren customer commissioned last year.

Instagrammer dan_am_i posted a screenshot showing "MSO – Bespoke Commission BC03", while x_marc_the_spot shares a logo treatment of BC-03 and tells us: "Let the journey begin. I am extremely excited to be a part of this very special project!"

A giddy dan_am_i then followed it with this image of McLaren's Vision GT, saying "This is a great image, who would agree?"

Something is in the works, and it's more than a code name for the Speedtail, which was teased in one shadowy photo of its rear deck shared by dan_am_i and subsequently released by McLaren. That image is of McLaren's Ultimate Vision GT, which seems plausible in a video game with its single-seat cockpit in a carbon-fiber body and chassis, weighing 2,200 lb in fantasy land.

Its theoretical twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 powers the rear wheels while electric motors in each front wheel combine for 1,134 hp and 940 lb-ft of torque.

But perhaps this isn't all so far fetched, considering the McLaren Senna GTR tipped the scales at 2,641 lbs, the Speedtail is on track for 989 hp from its hybrid powertrain, and all McLarens are based on carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. The Ultimate Vision GT looks like a cross between a Formula E racer and a Le Mans Prototype, so it's not unreasonable to expect the BC-03 to have wild bodywork and pull out all the tricks for massive downforce in corners like the Senna GTR and slippery aero on straights in order to top the Speedtail's 243 mph top speed.


Where Rolls-Royce is shying away from extreme customer-guided customization after its experience with the Sweptail, McLaren's MSO is more than happy to build truly unique creations at the direction (and presumably expense) of their clientele, although this one clearly originated within the company and not from a client. It's great to see McLaren making dreams and video game fantasy come true.


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