Is McLaren Prepping an Even More Potent 650S?

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Maybe... Maybe not.

If you thought the McLaren 650S was really nothing more than the track going version of the 12C, then you'd better think again. McLaren officials stressed repeatedly to us at Geneva last month that both the 650S and 650 Spyder are very much their own models – not just some 12C refresh. And now it appears that McLaren still isn't done with the 650S. According to a new report, McLaren has now set its sights on developing an even more extreme 650S, one that's decidedly more track-focused.

McLaren chief development driver Chris Goodwin really couldn't have been clearer in saying that "This is not as far as we're going to go (with the 650S) – there's plenty more we can do." With a total of 641 horsepower on tap, a good assumption may be that McLaren will look to cut the 650S's weight even further while also adding new active aerodynamics. The UK sports car company is still planning to release its entry-level P13 sometime in 2015, so an improved 650S could come sometime after that.

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