Is Mercedes-AMG Wasting Its Time With A Hardcore GT?

Sports Car

Why ruin a good thing?

The Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S straddle the line between supercars and high-performance sports cars. Regardless of where you believe the AMG GT/GTS lie, there’s no denying that the vehicles are extremely capable. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers stated that the automaker’s range-topping GT will get a hardcore option. Unbelievably, the high-performance variant will get here a lot sooner than we expected. How soon? How does this summer sound. Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

When asked about what AMG is working on, Moers spilled the beans on the even faster AMG GT. “This summer we’ll be bringing out the next performance level of the GT [which likely will be called GT R],” stated Moers. “There will be more power and speed but this sports car won’t be like a Black Series or anything you might expect. While it’s too soon to talk in detail, this version of the GT will have active aerodynamic features for markedly improved performance.” A faster, more powerful AMG GT sounds incredible, but would Mercedes-AMG be ruining the sports car by turning it into a full-out supercar? It seems like the smarter move would just be to build a damn supercar, not upgrade a car that's regarded as "almost there."

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Moers also touched on the subject of an electric AMG sports car. “In 2014 we built a few SLS Electric Drive sports cars that had four motors and a combined 740 horsepower,” stated Moers. “Throwing that knowledge away would be stupid, so it will definitely be used in the future.” Since Moers barely touched upon what type of performance the more powerful AMG GT would have, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to assume that the sports car might get an electric motor. Still, we can't help but think this could be a waste of time. Why not create a hybrid hypercar capable of battling the holy trinity? Regardless of what we think and the rhetorical questions we ask, it looks like AMG will be extremely busy in 2016.