Is Mercedes-Benz Coming After The Ford Raptor?

The two trucks would be very different but could be priced similarly.

The clock has apparently started ticking on whether or notMercedes-Benz will bring its new truck to the US market. Steve Cannon, thecompany’s US CEO, spoke with Automotive News and said the decision will bemade by the end of the year. He also dropped some information on what a roll-outof the truck in the United States would look like. About 10,000units would be available per year so that each of the automaker’s 372dealerships would have a fair stock.

Although the Mercedes-Benz pickup was officially approvedfor Australia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa, you have to think that acrack at the US truck market would be too tough to pass up. While luxury trucks may seem like a small market, remember that folks very willingly dropped almost $50,000 to grab a Ford Raptor. Granted the Raptor is designed to do different things, likego off-road. It's also a full-size truck and Mercedes-Benz is making amid-size. Still, Ford seems to have made the business case that people are willingto spend large sums of money on niche trucks.

Regardless, Mercedes will have to remember that it’s making a truck, not an SUV with a bed, if it hopes to win over American consumers and sway folks away from other similarly priced offerings.

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