Is Mercedes-Benz Swerving Way Too Far From Its German Roots?


The new Benz SUV might as well have a "made in China" tag.

LegendaryGerman automaker Mercedes-Benz recently began production of the GLC SUV in Beijing,reinforcing the idea that the automaker is becoming less authentically German and more Chineseevery year. With a whopping 200,000 GLCs expected to be produced by the end of2015 in China, yet another new model from Mercedes will have less ties than ever toGermany.Ofcourse, Mercedes isn’t the only luxury German car company straying from itslegacy as a trusted European automaker.

Afterall, BMW makes some of its cars in South Carolina. With the establishment of afactory for the GLC in China, Mercedes-Benz somewhat opportunistically placesits SUV manufacturing location precisely where sales of the GLA and GLK havebeen wildly successful. In a press release discussing theproduction of the new GLC, Daimler boasts, "Beijing follows Bremen as thesecond GLC production site. The new assembly facilities meet the higheststandards of modern production in our flexible and efficient productionnetwork." Withouta doubt this will lead to large financial gains for the company in the nearfuture, but in the long run, do these decisions dilute the image of German quality?

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Or, on the otherhand, is it unfair to say that Mercedes is losing touch with its founding rootswhen we already know that stereotypically American cars like the Dodge Challenger and last-generation Camaro were made in Canada?