Is Nissan Attempting The Impossible With The Titan XD Pickup?

The automaker’s set to break some records.

Full-size pickup trucks aren’t the go-to option for all-outspeed. But Nissan thinks that using its full-size Titan to set land-speedrecords is a good idea. Is the automaker crazy or is this an act of genius?However, Nissan isn’t going at this with a stock Titan. The automaker isconfident that the Titan XD “Triple Nickel” is right for the job. The truck isa collaboration between Nissan North America and engine supplier Cummins. Soit shouldn’t come as a surprise to see a Cummins 5.0-liter V8 turbo dieselengine under the Titan XD’s hood.

The Cummins turbo diesel produces 555 lb-ft of torque,which is where Nissan got the name “Triple Nickel.” Besides the powerfulengine, the truck has specially lowered suspension, Mickey Thompson tires,salt-flat style disc wheel covers, custom front air dam and bed covers, aStroud Safety parachute, as well as a racing livery wrap. The truck still has along way to go and will be completed within the next few months with additionalmodifications including a roll cage and other safety equipment. The Titan XD“Triple Nickel” will be competing in the D/DT Class (current top speed 191 mph) and the FIAClass A-III-9 (current record 115 mph).

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