Is Nissan Making A Huge Mistake By Delaying The Next GT-R?

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Next variant won't be here any time soon.

The current variation of the Nissan GT-R is an absolute beast. With its 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 that makes 545 hp, the supercar can get to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds and has earned the title of being Godzilla. Despite Nissan making the supercar better with more refinements ever year, the GT-R is getting a little long in the tooth compared to others on the road. While we've seen concepts and renderings of the next GT-R, a recent report from Australia's Motoring states that the next generation of the supercar won't be here until at least 2020.

Nissan Australia's managing director Richard Emery revealed the future for the GT-R in a response to a report that its redesign had been delayed until 2018. "To be honest the company is not even talking about it," stated Emery. "We are close to the life cycle in terms of cars now and in the future. In terms of direct conversation around GT-R, it's not on the horizon." That doesn't sound good. "It's certainly not 2018, and I can't see it even in 2019," said Emery. "It's not on the product plan list of that period." That's really disappointing news for supercar fans around the world. The current GT-R is a performance bargain that can keep up with more expensive and powerful machines on the track, but five years is a long time to wait.

For those keeping track of time, 2020 is another five years away, which would make the current generation of the GT-R 13-years old when it gets replaced. We hope these rumors aren't true, but it would make sense since the latest concept for the next GT-R is called the Nissan Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo. Will the GT-R still be relevant five years down the road? Nissan may be taking a huge gamble by waiting to engineer the next generation of the GT-R.

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