Is Porsche Crazy For Attempting To Bring A Diesel Macan To The US?


This isn't the best idea.

Ever since Volkswagen's emissions scandal, diesels have become frowned upon in the US. Heck, even before the whole incident, diesels were given the cold shoulder in favor of hybrids. However, Automotive News reports that Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer still wants to bring a diesel-powered version of the Macan crossover to the US. We're not sure what's going on in Zellmer's mind, but a Macan Diesel would be a major flop in the US.


Confirmed by a Porsche executive in 2014, the brand was looking to bring its entry level diesel-powered crossover to the US in late 2015 or early 2016. The diesel was rumored to start at $60,000 and come powered by a 241-horsepower V6. However, due to the emissions scandal the model was put on hold. While that was the right idea, Zellmer believes that there is still a market for the car in the US in spite of the current scandal. "We haven't made a decision on what time this car is going to be introduced in the American market. It depends on when we get the technical fix," stated Zellmer. "The technical solution has to be accepted by the authorities, then we have to do the recall, and we're going to repair the cars seamlessly for our customers."

Even before getting a plan out to solve the current issue, Porsche is working on putting another diesel model into the fray and we can't help but think that this is a terrible idea. But Porsche thinks otherwise since the diesel-powered Cayenne that was removed from the market last year received a lot of praise from its customers. "They say, 'Whatever you do, don't take that car off the market because we love it,'" stated Zellmer. "Customers love its torque and the range." While that may be true, the US Government isn't a huge fan of diesel-powered Porsches, which means that Porsche will have to wait before bringing the car to the US.

Besides pickup truck owners looking to get great towing capability and fuel economy, diesels will die in the US thanks to VW's diesel scandal. We can't help but think that Porsche is wasting its time with a diesel model and would be better off focusing on putting a hybrid model in to the market. In light of ever changing emissions and the diesel scandal, automakers such as Mercedes-Benz have decided to opt for hybrids instead of diesels, which is the proper choice. We can't help but ask, is Porsche doing the right thing by sticking to diesels?

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