Is Porsche Really Ready To Piss Off Purists With A 911 EV?


Porsche opens up about the prospect of an electrified 911.

The Porsche 918 proved that hybrid supercars are the future. However, 911 enthusiasts aren't usually happy with change. Porsche has continually stated that it's looking into building a hybrid and full EV version of the 911. Luckily, Porsche purists can rest easy because an all-electric 911 is not in the cards right now. Porsche is still working on its Mission E, but August Achleitner, the man in charge of the 911 and 718, told Drive that he doesn't see the market for a fully electric 911. However, he didn't rule out the idea in the long term.


Achleitner said that such a car "would get so heavy with so many disadvantages that we would not offer it." Perhaps if EV technology becomes lighter in the future, Porsche might consider it. "Maybe there comes a day when we need it. Right now, not. Maybe in 10 years it looks different." For now, the 911 will always comes with a flat-six engine, but there still could be room for a hybrid version. The Mission E will bring fleet emissions way down, which curbs the need for more fuel-efficient versions of the 911 and 718. As of right now, we think that Porsche is making the right decision. An EV 911 doesn't make sense at this moment in time, but you never know what the market will look like in 10 years.

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