Is Porsche Surrendering The Horsepower War To The Competition?

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When too much power means too much of something else.

If there's anything you need to know about Porsche it's this: it never holds back and is fearless when facing its competition. But what about the headline to this article? Is Porsche surrendering the horsepower war with competitors such as Ferrari and McLaren? The best way to answer that is not to think of raw hp, but in power-to-weight ratios. Car Magazine is reporting that the head of Porsche's GT division, Andreas Preuninger, hinted that the next generation of cars won't have the same output levels that we see today. However, that's not at all a bad thing.

Preuninger stated that he's "not a believer in this horsepower monster, up, up, up, more, more, more. For my personal tastes, around 500hp is enough, because 700-800hp calls for bigger brakes, sturdier suspension, it gets heavier and heavier logically." Best way to summarize that: weight-saving over increased hp. "I think it's not my engineering target to get 50hp more every generation, I'd rather turn it around and make the car lighter again, a specific horsepower per kilo. I think that makes more sense…we have to be more concentrated on the overall package, not just hp."

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