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Is Ram Secretly Working on a New Dakota?

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If so, it's likely an improved version of the Fiat Strada.

There have been reported sightings in Detroit, Michigan, of a heavily camouflaged truck driving around. Seeing test mule prototypes in this area is nothing new or unusual; the Big Three automakers call the Detroit area home. But this particular prototype truck seems to have been identified as a heavily disguised Fiat Strada with a blacked-out Ram grille. What's the Fiat Strada, you ask? It's a small, Brazilian-built pickup that's sold in various South American countries as well as Italy.

Available in short, long, and crew cabs, the Strada is ideal for its intended markets. And perhaps, in the near future, also the US. If Fiat Chrysler wasn't serious about selling it stateside, then why test it on US roads? It's a fair question. Fiat Chrysler recently announced its five-year plan, which includes a new "mid-size pickup" specifically for North America. If the Strada is rebadged as a Ram, perhaps as a reborn Dakota, then that'd be a very good thing. Ass long as it's packaged right, with appropriate engine and gearbox options, bed space, and sufficient off-road capabilities, it has huge potential for success. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

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