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Is Rolls-Royce Going After China With Its Latest Special Edition?

It's either China or people who love ergonomics.

Rolls-Royce must have been thinking of China when it built the Limelight Collection. How else do you explain the focus on rear leg comfort in its latest special edition Phantom? Like everything that has been and ever will be made by the company, the Limelight Edition pays tribute to an obscure British knight. Said knight is Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, who discovered the limelight effect. Yup, the British have a man for every special edition Rolls-Royce can dream up.

The Limelight Collection features two individual rear seats purposefully placed at a 27-degree angle for maximum comfort. The new calf rest is set at 68 degrees and the pop-up floor rest comes in at 30 degrees. The door also features a storage compartment specifically designed to hold watches. Like all the special editions it makes, the Limelight Collection is limited to 25 models. They are on sale now for around $650,000.

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