Is Ryan Gates' 311RS the Best Evo X on the Market?

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The 311RS Evo X is the brainchild of circuit racer Ryan Gates and the focus of this week's Tuned hosted by the ever-expanding Matt Farah for Drive.

Having competed in Evos for a few years, Ryan Gates decided to build a better one. The Evo X is a decent performance car but as Drive's Matt Farah points out, is crying out for an improved body and interior. Built in a limited run of eleven, the 311 RS represents one man's dream of a polished Evo X. Under the hood, AMS Performance did its thing, there's a new JRZ suspension, bigger brakes, a body kit with JDP front lip, and an understated Jon Sibal livery that match the gorgeous blue 18-inch Rays alloys.

$49,000 will be enough to secure you one of these limited edition Evos, but before rushing out to buy one, check out the big softy critique the car at the Monticello Motor Club.

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