Is Scion Absolutely Insane For Trying To Make The FR-S A Luxury Car?

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Does it understand what the term "luxury car" means.

The Scion FR-S, also badged in variants by Toyota (the original designer) as the GT86 and by Subaru as the BRZ, is certainly a winner in many respects as an entry-level sports car. It's known for being a solid value for its price and for having superb handling. Unfortunately, it's also known for having an anemic engine setup. That being said, ifyou're looking for a luxury car with a base price right around $30,000, Scion might be the last automaker you would run to.


But Scion is trying to change that, and make people forget all about its mundane exterior designs and the cheap-feeling plastic components scattered throughout the interior. It will do this by running out 1,000 "FR-S Series 2.0" models. The automaker compliments itself by saying that this limited-edition model "pairs sports and style," but it seems to be somewhat lacking in both areas. The differences with this particular "2.0" model are largely insignificant. According to Scion, it comes in a "bold Lunar Storm paint scheme," a special aero kit, and 17" alloy wheels. Do these changes really help you see the FR-S as a "luxury car?"


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