Is Starting A Street Race In Reverse The Mustang's Biggest Fail Ever?

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Mustangs crashing at Cars & Coffee is bad but this might be worse.

Much like Harambe, the gorilla shot and killed earlier in the year at the Cincinnati Zoo, the meme that is the idiotic Mustang owner just won't die. The Internet already roasted fans of Ford's iconic muscle car for continually finding a way to crash when exiting Cars & Coffee events. Now we have this: A Mustang that launches in reverse during a drag race with a Camaro. Is there a more embarrassing way to start a street race? If there is we haven't come across it. The best part of this race is the guy spotting from the rear.

He notices the Mustang's reverse lights are on and yells out that the car is in reverse. When the race starts and the Ford rockets off the line in the wrong direction he throws up his arms in exasperation and disbelief. We're right there with you, pal.

So what happened here? Some commenters are saying that the driver accidentally chose reverse while looking for first. But the Mustang GT requires the driver to push down on the stick in order to move it into reverse, which makes an accidental selection tough to execute. The most likely scenario is that the driver was behind the wheel of an automatic and had a momentary lapse in intelligence. It's easy for the guy shouting out the warning to not be heard as he's behind two rumbling V8 engines. Also, the driver wouldn't be able to see him anyway as both eyes would be focused on the road ahead or pointed squarely at the Camaro driver in a death stare. Either way you slice it this is a fail. Damn, Mustang drivers have been having a crappy year.

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