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Is Subaru Really Working On A Mid-Engine Hybrid Sports Car?

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Oh please, let this rumor be true.

Despite the many pleas from enthusiasts who want more power, Subaru has continued to sell its BRZ sports car with minor updates and minimal power increases. There have been plenty of rumors surrounding a more powerful model, including a rather farfetched rumor two years ago regarding a mid-engine hybrid variant with over 330 horsepower. Subaru was reportedly testing a mid-engined prototype that was set to debut in around two years time. Now, two years later, Japenese publication Best Car reports that the mid-engine car could arrive soon.

According to the report, the car is rumored to use a mid-mounted boxer engine mated to a plug-in hybrid system. The engine would drive the rear wheels while one of the two electric motors would drive the front wheels to create an all-wheel-drive layout (think a baby Acura NSX). Little else is known about the car, but speculation indicates that it could derive styling cues from the Viziv GT Concept in the Gran Turismo video game series.

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Subaru has been experiencing record sales, which may be why the company is finally willing to develop a special halo model. It's interesting that the rumors of a mid-engine Subaru have reemerged right as Toyota says it may revive the MR2 and Celica. Toyota and Subaru have worked together in the past to develop the BRZ and 86, so perhaps the two Japanese automakers could work together again to build a mid-engine platform that could also underpin a revived Toyota MR2. We sincerely hope these rumors turn out to be true because a mid-engine, all-wheel-drive Subaru sounds like a recipe for fun.