Is Tesla About To Become The Taxi Cab Of 2020?

Uber wants to turn Tesla into a Chevy Caprice.

Overthe last few years, we've been witnessing significant changes in the way peopledrive, power their vehicles and even order their taxis. First, Tesla enteredthe market as the coolest EV maker out there, manufacturing magnificentlooking all-electric cars that even gave some supercars a run for their money. Then,Uber revolutionized how people hail cabs, share rides and reach their destinations.Soon, car manufacturers will change the way we drive, with autonomous carsthat'll compete with their 'drivers' for performance, safety and efficiency.

One of the leading contenders in the competition to reach this goalis Tesla, which is currently working on putting 500,000 fully-autonomous carson the road by 2020. And while this may seem like a pretentious goal, Tesla hasjust been given a terrific vote of confidence by the CEO of one of the otherindustry revolutionaries mentioned above. In fact, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick wasrecently quoted as saying that Uber would gladly buy every single one of those500,000 units. Now, we've already heard about current Tesla models taking overtaxi fleets in various parts of the world. But would you rather hail a cab drivenby a driver, or one that drives itself? For some, as long as it's a Tesla, theanswer doesn't really matter.

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