Is Tesla In Secret Talks With A Gas Station About Adding Superchargers?

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Time to expand that supercharging network even more.

We figured this could happen at some point, but an official confirmation still hasn't happened. Yet. According to The Washington Post and Motor Trend, Tesla is reportedly having quiet discussions with Sheetz, a gas station chain that operates hundreds of stations throughout six US states, mainly in the mid-Atlantic region. Unlike your typical and very basic gas station, Sheetz offers customers more high-end food products and quality coffee. Surely Tesla owners will like having that at their disposal while recharging.


Remember, in the next few years we're likely to see a lot more Teslas on the road, mainly due to the arrival of the Model 3, which has received well over 300,000 pre-orders. Yes, Tesla does have its own (and growing) supercharger network, but there's nothing at all wrong with having additional charging stations. What's more, Sheetz already has eight locations with general purpose charging stations. Think of these eight locations as something of an experiment. Both companies are interested in building a relationship but no specific timetable for a rollout was given. But if an agreement is made expect to see Tesla superchargers at Sheetz stations before the Model 3 arrives.

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