Is Tesla Serious About Building An Electric Minibus?

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Elon Musk's master plan hinted at the possibility of a VW style minibus.

When it comes to outrageous Tony Stark-esque plans for future technology, Elon Musk pretty much has the market cornered. Whether it be through one of his famous Twitter announcements or a more traditional press conference, the billionaire founder is known for pushing technology forward in a way few other men could. So when Musk briefly mentioned plans for an electric minibus in his Tesla Master Plan, we began to wonder if such a vehicle would ever come to fruition. Well, it appears as though Musk is seriously considering it.


Rumors surrounding future Tesla models are constantly circulating. The only car rumors that are more omnipresent are those about the potential for a future Apple car. But in this case it would seem as though the rumors are true - Tesla is planning on building a minibus. The Tesla minibus will be built on the same platform as the Model X, which makes sense considering the two vehicles will be of relatively similar size and weight. Musk confirmed the rumor via Twitter, also stating that the potential for people density is quite high, which is just a clever way of saying the minibus will be able to carry a lot of passengers.

However, it will likely be many, many years before we see any concrete evidence of a Tesla minibus if we ever see one at all. We have a feeling that the success or failure of the Model X will play a large part as to whether or not Tesla bets big on reviving the minibus. Until then, you could always go buy a VW Retro Van.

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