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Is That You, Ferrari 458 Speciale Spider?

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Leaked configurator images of Ferrari's latest have found their way online.

Ferrari has already announced that a convertible version of its 458 Speciale will debut at Paris in just a couple of weeks. And like the coupe, it's going to be expensive, limited, and gorgeous. We can hardly wait to see it in the flesh. In the meantime, some leaked images have found their way online showing what appears to be configurator screenshots likely taken done by a prospective buyer at a dealership. Ferrari, as well as other exotic brands, regularly reveals some of its latest models to loyal and VIP buyers.

These people typically already own rare Ferraris. It makes sense they'd want to add a 458 Speciale Spider to their collections. Just 458 examples will be built. But which colors to choose? Wheels? That's apparently what this guy was playing around with on this private configurator. We happen to like it in yellow, for the record.

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