Is The Acura NSX For Those Sick Of Driving A Porsche 911?

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That's Acura's hope.

Every few years another Porsche 911 competitor comes along, but still fails to surpass that butt-engined sports car icon. Porsche clearly knows what it's doing. It has over 50 years' experience here. But now there's the Mercedes-AMG GT and, more recently, the new second-gen Honda/Acura NSX. Not at all surprisingly, Honda sees its new NSX as a viable 911 alternative. Speaking to Car Advice, NSX project leader Ted Klaus stated that he believes the new high-performance coupe will appeal to buyers who are sick of their 911s.


"We want to catch that person when they're thinking of coming out of a 911 to their next (car), and I think we offer a tremendous sports car experience and sports car values." Klaus also pointed out that the NSX's base price of around $170,000 is very much in 911 Turbo and even Audi R8 territory, "giving a strong comparison" to both cars. Without question the new NSX is unique but 911 buyers are some of the most devoted out there. Their loyalties won't change easily.

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