Is the Alfa Romeo 4C a Proper BMW M3 Competitor?

One's a two-seat coupe, the other a premium sedan. Yeah, this is a dual we want to see.

Don’t think of this as a typical comparison test because it’s not. Really, the Alfa Romeo 4C and BMW M3 have very little in common. The 4C is a two-seat, lightweight, high-performance coupe whose main focus is on the purity of driving. While also an exhilarating performance machine, by contrast, the M3 is a sedan that meets the needs of the family as well. It’s the benchmark luxury performance sedan. But at the end of the day, they’re both driver’s cars, and their price tags aren’t all that far apart either.

Check out this video from South Africa’s Car Magazine as the two are pitted head-to-head on some beautiful mountain roads.

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