Is The Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV As Good As The Giulia QV?

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The world begged for an encore, and now it's here so we can dig into it.

The extent to which high performance SUVs have conquered the market despite the fact that the very title is ironic is something that can be taken as a good sign or a bad one. Yes, it's a signal that the sedans we all know and love are being diluted at best and phased out at worst in favor of spending that R&D cash on SUVs. On the other hand, crossover SUVs have gotten powerful and agile enough that they're actually pretty fun to drive.

The question we were all wondering, however, is whether or not Alfa Romeo would be able to translate the fun-loving attitude of the Giulia QV into the taller and heavier body of the Stelvio crossover. Thing is, Alfa has no choice but to find a way.

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It currently has to fight competitors like the Porsche Macan, a wonderful machine in its own right, but will soon have to go against crossovers like the Jaguar F-Pace SVR, BMW X3 M, and Audi RSQ5. That means there's not really any time for a test run before Alfa is flung into the throes of competition. The Stelvio Quadrifoglio has to get it right. Now. With no Stelvio mountain road in sight, Auto Express roams the United Arab Emirates' equivalent, the Jebel Jais Mountain Road to see if it can thrash the soul out of this Alfa.

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