Is The Aston Martin Vulcan The Craziest Supercar To Ever Come Out Of Britain?

It’s definitely the craziest one from the automaker.

Aston Martins aren’t recognized for being hardcore supercars but rather capable grand tourers that can eat up a lot of miles with ease. The British brand went against everything it’s ever made with the Vulcan and created a complete monster. The red example of the $2.3 million supercar arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, last year and was even seen cruising around the state’s roads. Only three Vulcans will make it over to the US and this model is a stunning representation of what happens when Aston Martin has some fun.

YouTuber Saabkyle04 got up close and personal with the Vulcan, which may be the only time the majority of people get to see the supercar in the flesh.

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