Is The Audi RS3 Really Worth The Extra $20,000 Over The VW Golf R?

Two of the hottest hatchbacks square off.

The Audi RS3 and Volkswagen Golf R are twoof the most powerful hatchbacks on the road today.To see how good the Golf R reallyis, Evo matched the VW against Audi’s hottest hatchback—the RS3. On paper theRS3 has a huge advantage over the Golf R. The two hatchbacks may be based onthe same VW platform, but the RS3 has approximately 60 more horsepower, is faster to 60mph, features a different all-wheel drive system and costs roughly $20,000 morethan the Golf R. That must mean the RS3 is better than the Golf R, right?

Whatseems like a simple victory on paper turns out to be a much closer race. Both hatchbacksare extremely expensive, but is your money better spent on the RS3? Find outbelow.

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