Is The Audi RS3 Really Worth The Extra $20,000 Over The VW Golf R?

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Two of the hottest hatchbacks square off.

The Audi RS3 and Volkswagen Golf R are two of the most powerful hatchbacks on the road today.To see how good the Golf R really is, Evo matched the VW against Audi's hottest hatchback-the RS3. On paper the RS3 has a huge advantage over the Golf R. The two hatchbacks may be based on the same VW platform, but the RS3 has approximately 60 more horsepower, is faster to 60 mph, features a different all-wheel drive system and costs roughly $20,000 more than the Golf R. That must mean the RS3 is better than the Golf R, right?

What seems like a simple victory on paper turns out to be a much closer race. Both hatchbacks are extremely expensive, but is your money better spent on the RS3? Find out below.

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