Is the Audi S1 the Mini Cooper's Worst Nightmare?

An all-wheel-drive, turbocharged supermini built by Audi? Uh yeah, we're interested.

You could say the reborn Mini Cooper, specifically the Cooper S, started something big (no pun intended) when the pint-sized hatchback hit the market several years ago. That car literally proved that a supermini could be considered premium; Mini is owned by BMW after all. There have since been several new competitors, but perhaps it took a fellow German brand to cook up what could turn out to be the most serious threat yet: the Audi S1.

Powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four with 228 horsepower, Audi was wise and offered it solely with a six-speed manual. Official comparison tests against the competition have yet to begin, but Evo recently got behind the wheel for a drive.

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