Classic Cars

Is the Best Classic Cars Collection in the World in Russia?

The Novorossiysk Naval Station houses some of the greatest classic models in Asia.

Since we started covering car shows and collections from Russia, the majority of them have been quite... subpar, to say the least. From horrendous tuning jobs to terribly taken-care-of once classic models, most of the galleries we have brought you have been things of ridicule. This one, however, is quite the contrary. This incredible collection of classic automobiles comes from the Novorossiysk Naval Station, where an exhibition has just opened showing off some amazing models from years' past.

Several Rolls-Royce models are featured, including a gold one that is befitting of the most reputable of Russian mobsters. A few classic Corvettes are also on display, along with a Shelby Cobra replica, a beautiful red Impala, two Dodge Vipers, a pair of Lamborghini Countachs and a Miura. Check out the excellent collection of classic cars from Novorossiysk, Russia, in the gallery below.

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