Is The BMW i5 FINALLY Coming?

Didn't we see a test mule of it earlier?

BMW’s i8 and i3 are, like Jeremy Clarkson said, staggering. The i8 shows that sports cars and hybrid powertrains can be combined to make something amazing, not the other way around. The i3 shows that electric cars can be good looking and bought for a reasonable price. Last year, however, we reported that BMW will only stick to the i3 and i8 for the i model range. However, we saw a test mule of what might be the i5, a four-door hybrid, earlier this year. Now, BMW boss Harald Krüger confirmed that the third i model will be launched. A release date or name of the third model has not been finalized or released yet.

The only thing that Krüger said about the upcoming model is that it will be bigger than the i3. Will BMW call it the i5 or will it be called something different? Will the upcoming model stick to the five rumors we reported earlier this year? We don’t know yet but we don’t think it’ll be disappointing.

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